Laying a Foundation for the Movement

The United State of Women is dedicated to connecting, convening and amplifying voices in the movement for full gender equality. To harness the power of this movement, they connect women and allies all across the country and amplify the most pressing issues of gender equality. TGM created the brand for this event to enhance and combine the patriotic spirit of the United State of Women with the strength and power of this movement.

The Obama Administration
  • Brand Expansion
  • Event Branding
  • Print Design
  • Digital Display
  • Presentation design



TGM took this existing brand and expanded it to express the gravity of this moment where the nations best and brightest women met to communicate and exchange big ideas to advance the ideals of the American woman.

We made a selfie wall, ya’ll.

We used both solid and outline lines from the W logo to expand into brand assets. The original colors for USOW are black and blue. We added a light tinted red and blue to set a deliberate Americana tone, emphasizing the obvious “United State” part of the name.