A Call To Today’s Voters

Democratic change is at the heart of what we do.
Tall Glass played a huge part in producing and developing amazing content to mobilize younger voters and get them to the polls.

We were not just allowed. We were encouraged to push the boundaries of our content in ways many agencies are afraid of. We worked with some incredible talent on these projects that made it easy.


Knock the Vote 



What We Did

UI/UX Design, Script Development, Video Production, Creative Concept, Editing, Casting, Art Direction


Yeah. We did… and we mean it. The goal  of using provocative borderline controversial pieces  was two fold: to get attention with shareable sticky content, and to provoke people to take action by registering to vote and checking the registration of a few or your friends, applying a bit of social pressure.

The creative videos and ads led back to landing pages, designed by TGM, that invited visitors to register to vote and in exchange for free stuff, enabled them to ask their friends to register too!