We are create brands, videos, and digital experiences for people and organizations who dare to change the world.

Digital + Experiential Design and Strategy

We craft thought-provoking design and creative experiences through testing, research, analysis and creative expression that amplifies the profound vision of people and organizations. Belief, when coupled with storytelling, is the most powerful tool to bring meaningful and lasting change.


Our glass is never half empty. We offer a range of creative services that complement each other to ensure your organization or business has a consistent, professional image across all your media. Need it all? Consider our retainer service the get a full service agency at your pleasure.


From logos to full branding solutions, we solidify the image and character behind your name with intentional visual communication, or as we call it­, your visual language.

Web Design/UX/UI

Highly customized, modern visually appealing website development that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation of all sizes.

Video Production

From concept to completion, TGM has the ability to create, script, produce, film, animate and edit videos of all budgets

Creative Strategy

We use big, audacious thinking to generate creative ideas that will hit your goals and resonate with your audiences in meaningful ways

Experiential Design

We create custom branded experiences from top to bottom

Digital Content

We are experts in creating digital content in all forms of digital media. Let TGM be your digital team!


Our design makes a world of difference to those who make a difference in the world.

Who We Are

We Are a Team Of Creators, Thinkers, and Innovators Who Believe in the Power of Design to Make an Impact.

Tall Glass is a black-owned creative agency dedicated to helping visionary organizations do the most good they can. Our job is to help your organization harness the power of your brand to make a greater societal impact. Whether your goal to bring awareness, to promote change, or inspire action, we work with companies large and small to channel their voice, maximize their reach, and embolden their message.

The team at Tall Glass uses their diverse creative skills and experience to give form to the stories and narratives that helping shape a better tomorrow for all of us. From digital design to marketing strategy, to video production and events, we thrive on delivering fully integrated solutions that best, channel your voice and enhance your message, regardless of the medium.

Our Work Stands Tall

Some of our Featured Work

Knock The Vote

A challenge today’s Young, apathetic voters


The Whitehouse Expo of Technology and Culture Influencers

Let Love

The Campaign To Promote Common’s New Book

United State of Women

Laying a foundation for the movement

Let's Make Good Happen

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